IN STORE: Pocket Square Clothing

Screen shot 2014-04-08 at 3.48.36 PM


Pocket Square Clothing was established in 2011 as a men’s accessory brand. Pocket Squares are handcrafted right here in Los Angeles so you know that they have awesome quality. The Pocket Square brand believes that American made is better, and that quality and attention to detail is key. Come get your Pocket Square here in the heart of Little Tokyo, at Number A Boutique.


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IN STORE: Kill City

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Kill City is definitely up their for the fashionable men! In store now Leather collard Shirt and Striped distressed T-shirt. Get it at Number A Boutique.


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Hi all! I hope your week is going great! I know ours is! Specially since we just got in some incredibly cute merchandise from 24Hrs. These items are from there Spring 2014 Collection. Go take a look at their ridiculously cute look book and stop in at Number A as well!.

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IN STORE: Vitaly Design

Vitaly_8_29_13-4by6_31_grande Terra-Titanium-Gold2_eedd593d-9e7c-4a4c-a9c7-ebf2b090ed1b_large stainless_steel_link_bracelet_Vitaly_Design_2_large Kusari_Matte_Black_chain_link_bracelet_Vitaly_1_large Kusari_Gold_chain_link_bracelet_Vitaly_Design_1_large Bronze_Kusari_metal_link_bracelet_by_Vitaly_grande Sequoia_Stainless_Steel_Gold_Axe_Pendant_Vitaly_Design_large Sequoia_stainless_steel_axe_pendant_2_large


Vitaly Design was founded in 2012 and is now in store at Number A. Shane Vitaly Foran and Jason Readman brought life to Vitaly in beautiful Central Bali, Indonesia, specifically in Ubud. All Jewelry is handcrafted as you can see in the video. Shane and Jason wanted to present to the world jewelry “that would fit the many faces of everyday fashion” and they did just that.

Pictures above are just a taste of what we have in store. Also take a look at the video, it’s very inspiring to see them do what they do.


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Screen shot 2014-03-28 at 12.13.43 PM 1392247121CLAE__SPRING_14_07 1392247112CLAE__SPRING_14_05 1392247130CLAE__SPRING_14_08_copy 1392247139CLAE__SPRING_14_06Screen shot 2014-03-28 at 12.14.01 PM 1392327521CLAE__SPRING_14_17_copy 1392327511V23A7464_w 1392327531CLAE__SPRING_14_19 1392327541CLAE__SPRING_14_18_copy


Hey all! In store right now are CLAE shoes from their spring collection! These guys are well worth your mulla! CLAE goes the extra mile by using premium leathers and materials. They emphasize uncommon comfort and versatility; you can dress any of their shoes to take on a casual look, or a look that you want to take out on the town. CLAE creates footwear that evolves and endures.


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LOOK AT THIS: Nike Roshe Runs

I’ve been totally obsessed with sneakers lately! But my true sneaker obsession is the Nike Roshe Runs! They feel like you’re walking on clouds! This obsession started when I bought my first pair of Roshes from the limited edition camo pack. These shoes are meant just to causally wear, but I suggest that you wear them for anything and everything! Below are a couple of my favorite Nike Roshe Runs from Nike and some that are custom made from individuals.

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IN STORE: Herschel Supply Company

10003-00333-OS_01_grande 10007-00291-OS_01_dd442421-0c85-4fbb-b634-999f1deefe6e_grande 10011-00032-OS_01_723002e6-f2e9-4b9d-9fdb-7eda443b86d3_grande 10011-00219-OS_01_grande 10014-00313-OS_01_grande 10026-00296-OS_02_grande 10027-00041-OS_01_grande 10045-00032-OS_01_grande 10045-00317-OS_01_bb45c398-72f3-4721-bd84-aefb73a6e117_grande 10053-00001-OS_01_5240903d-3afb-4a09-9f8b-0554b77fb5d4_grande 10053-00313-OS_01_grande 10054-00315-15_01_ac08aa96-e6f1-4318-acf6-20d549211bc4_grande 10054-00333-15_01_90a2f121-b8f1-4029-a764-226214aff135_grande 10058-00313-15_01_689faac3-b4dd-4ca4-b53c-7378effc41ab_grande 10119-00001-OS_02_grande 10119-00032-OS_01_c8ada50f-e856-4e8e-91b0-995c5ab153eb_grande GB01310022VBLK-GLOBE-1


In store now are items from Herschel Supply Co.’s spring 2014 collection! We have everything from wallets to bags, to iPad cases. Images above are just some of what we have to offer at Number A.

Herschel Supply Company was founded in 2009 and instantly took off. See what the buzz is all about.

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WISH LIST: Summer Sandals and Sneakers

So it’s pretty much summer, but there are 4 days until spring. I know that doesn’t make any kind of sense, but that’s California weather for you. So, since the weather is nice and toasty I’ve been thinking about getting some cute sneakers and sandals that fit perfect for the weather. I’ve had my eyes on the Women’s Converse All Star Lo Platform, I just don’t know what color to get them in! I think they would be so cute paired off with some daisy duke shorts and just a simple tee. I also have my eyes on some platform sandals, I don’t know what it is about me and these platforms, I’m already 5′ 10″! Anyways, the sandals are from Sixty Seven USA. They have a 1 1/2 heell and 2 buckle straps and again IDK what color. Platform sandals are in this summer and I want in the action!

Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 6.57.34 PM Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 6.57.12 PM Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 6.50.23 PM Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 6.51.26 PM

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