IN STORE: Minkpink Fall 2014


Great new Minkpink pieces just arrived. Come by now before they’re gone!


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LOOK AT THIS: Miley Cyrus Artistic Video

I’m not a huge fan of Miley Cyrus, I like a few songs here and there but i’m not a follower. But this Video is amazing! I haven’t seen anything like it in a really long time and its inspiring, crazy and one of a kind. I give props for Miley being different and authentic. I truly think that she doesn’t do things just for her fans but for her self. You know how we always hear about celebrities getting rehab because they got hooked on some kind of drug or there emotionally unstable. I think Miley has found her therapist and it works great for her. So I say let her be, because so far we haven’t heard her needing to go to rehab for anything! I say she’s inspiring and an inspiration to the individuals that want and need to express themselves.


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IN STORE: Beenie Nicole


New Brand In Store, Beenie Nicole. Beenie and Nicole was created by two cousins that had the same dream and wanted to make it into a reality. The brand is a blend of Breana and Lauren’s very different but unique and trendy style. Beenie Nicole’s goal is to provide various types of styles with the most current popular trends and music inspired looks.


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TO COME: Herschel Supply Co. Studio Collection S.2015

Screen shot 2014-07-11 at 12.26.19 PM

After a very fun and fulfilled day at Long Beach Agenda I can gladly say I’M IN LUST! We ran into the Herschel Supply Co. Booth and right into these beauties for Herschel Supply Co. Studio Collection for Spring 2015! If you could only feel how amazing these bags are! They’re water resistant, made to wear and tear (but really won’t tear) and look amazing, clean, sleek and durable. We are very excited to have them in Number A Boutique!


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WISHLIST: Steve Madden Sneaker

steve 2


I recently went on vacation, FYI I don’t get out much, and I found myself shopping ALOT! And bought 3 pairs of shoes. But the one pair of shoes that I came across I did not buy. They are the Steve Madden Ecentric Quilted Wine Sneaker! I absolutely love them. They are comfy and versatile! Which I always love. But what really caught my eyes was the color of the shoe! They call it wine but it’s definitely a Burgundy and Im in LOVE!! I am getting them very soon!


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JAPANLA 06062014

We have new Japan LA in store! All styles are absolutely so cute! Japan LA is a unique brand and shop that is located on Melrose Ave., in Los Angeles. It was started by a girl named Jamie, who wanted to create a store where people could buy cute stuff, inspired by Japanese and L.A. pop culture. All items are inspired by Japanese pop culture and characters and graphics.

Come and get your Japan LA merchandise!


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LOOK AT THIS: Photographer Katerina Plotnikova

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Katerina Plotnikove is a fine art photographer hailing from Russian . She captures the absolute beauty of simplicity using light, color and the environment itself. She describes her work as a fairy tale in wonderland. She uses the contrasting of colors so elegantly to make you feel in sync with the photo. While shooting Wonderland Fairytale with different animals, there were two animal trainers to guide them. I have to say this team did such an awesome job of capturing a true Fairytale story. Check out more images from her talented eye here.


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IN STORE: Gentle Fawn


Just in time for this BEAUTIFUL weather here in LA, new Gentle Fawn. My Favorite is the Cadence Dress! What is yours?

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