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CH. Is absolutely one of the most dapper constructed Men’s wear line we have! And we totally love them!


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FEMME: Sky Ferreira for Friend The Magazine

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Sky Ferreira photographed by Pierre Toussaint for Friend The Magazine

Touring the world with her music and still making time to model. I love Sky Ferreira so much!! I think this is the first time that I’ve been so enamored with an artist that was younger than me. She has worked her butt off to finally be where she is today and that is truly inspiring. If you haven’t heard any of her music yet… well… what are you waiting for? (Below are a few to get you started)


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WHAT’S PLAYING: Adore Delano – I Look Fuckin’ Cool [feat. Alaska Thunderfuck] (Official)

Drag Queens take me back to my childhood. I recall that RuPaul looked just as gorgeous as all the Top Models of the time; Naomi, Cindy, Claudia… She changed drag. From RuPaul to Devine there have always been a handful of amazingly talented Queens, but only in the past several years have they reemerged to this level. Taking back their crowns and making it ok for people to be accepted for being their different selves.  Being advocates for the rights of all LGBTQ individuals. It’s inevitable I finally watched RuPaul’s Drag Race. Sadly I’m behind and haven’t seen the season with Adore Delano but both her and Alaska Thunderfuck found me, mostly on Tumblr. <3 them!!


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IN STORE: All New NOW!!!

New In store UandO 09262014


All new in store! All my favorite brands. I totally love men’s clothing, Unyforme and Ourcaste has to be on my top list for men’s wear!


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LOOK AT THIS: #NextLevilism

I found this video on my FB page and its absolutely crazy! Very inspirational. The music is great and the dancers are awsome. And by the way it’s a commercial for the new Jogg Jeans by Diesel. Who knew a commercial could be so cool!

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I’ve had my eye on Adonis Bosso for a while… I didn’t know his name at first but all of his photographs are so on point and set him apart from the rest. He has an intense glare and gorgeous symmetrical features.  If names have the power to change people, his parents picked a good one.


Screen shot 2014-09-23 at 2.22.05 PM

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IN STORE: Front Table Essentials

Collage 1 09222014

For those of you who have never come into the Boutique, you need to come, we have a front table merchandised with the hottest, trendiest, must have accessories and clothing. As of right now on our front table we have our must have items in blacks and whites. Come by Number A and check them out!


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WHAT’S PLAYING: Childish Gambino

So right now I am seriously crazy about Childish Gambino! I know that no one knows me on the blog but those who do know me (one of the store associates, and the boss) knows that I love rap music. It’s not so much for what they spit at times but for the beats that are produced, to make the words that are on paper, come to life! So with that said my fav’s from Childish Gambino. (P.S. Better than DRAKE!)

1. Crawl

2. Candler Road

3. 3005

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